BLACK TERROR - October 2005 (Answered by: Kvarforth)

What does the band's name mean?
It basically mean ”the path to enlightenment”.

You changed Avantgarde records to Osmose. Why? What can you say about them?
The relationship between Avantgarde Music and us didn’t turn out too well in the end, thus we decided to leave them obviously. Osmose Productions are actually great working with, as they are very serious about what they are doing and have an enormous capacity pushing their artists forward, which was one of the main reasons we decided to sign on to them…

You've started to play live shows. Do you like it? What reaction from public did you have and what did you expect? Also what is the ideal show in your opinion?
SHINING have always been meant to appear live, though the past prevented us from doing so due to members, psycho and fysiological difficulties etc. but as for now the only reason SHINING returned was because off the fact that we did see a possibility performing live, a task which has been great so far even though I seriously do not believe the fans did expect the very show we do deliver. An ideal show would be following the same basics as with what we do now though more self-destructive, and destructive behaviour from the audience in general.

Your lyrics are in swedish, so it's rather hard to understand them (though the main themes are clear) can you tell a bit more about it? Do they change from album to album? Or maybe some tanslations in english of the most important lyrics?
We have decided to from now on feature translations of all lyrics in the booklets, so just hold your breath and buy the new album once its released. I have no time nor interest to try translating them here though, you see, it will demand a hell of a lot of time due to the complexity of our native tongue versus english, and I really do not want to make any misinterpretations on such an important topic.

As far as I understand, you support suicide. Do you know cases when your music made someone to end his life? Your attitude to such things?
Of course we support suicide, SHINING support all that is negative in this bastard world of ours. We have had a couple of cases in the past with people whom have ended their lives under the influence or partially under the influence of our work and of course this is a true blessing indeed, yet we pray for increased numbers of fatalities.

The so-called "suicidal" and "depressive" Black Metal is rather popular nowadays, more and more bands start to play such music. What's your attitude to such trend? Isn't it a step away from the pure ancient Black Metal hatred?
Don’t know, apart from that it was SHINING who started it all on a serious level. We do not care for any imitations nor do we care for anything related to any ”scene” at all.

It's seems that you are possesed with suicide. What can be the last drop for you to commit suicide? (Don't think that i consider SHINING such boring shit and waiting for it's end, hehe) And also what stops you so far?
Death breath down my neck each passing minute, though I have obligations, meaning there are many errands to be done before the final stagnation. Interpret that in whatever way you wish.

I think that Black Metal is not the only style to express depressed and suicidal feelings of a man. Don't you think so? What kind of music do you prefer to listen and don't you like to try playing another style, that suites emotional state?
I do not listen that much to Black metal, only STRID, MANES, BURZUM and a few others, my taste varies extremelly much but my close favorites are the works by BETHLEHEM, COLDPLAY, DIDO, LANDBERK, PUISSANCE, BOWIE, MUSE and so forth, music which by far is more genuine and dark than what any fucking Black Metal band could ever create.

Some time ago there was information on SHINING web-site about your "injury". Comment it if possible.

"SHINING is...a needle injecting the purest of heroine into your arm" Your attitude to drugs. Do you use? Do you recommend, hehe?
This very statement has nothing to do with drugs, even though we surely do encourage the useage of them. Its a mere word we used in order to describe the need for our audial pain. I do not use drugs, as they would cripple me, and as said, errands are still there and their fullfillment is way more important than my own personal enjoyment. I do recommend you however to shoot heroine or smoke crack, that would get your zine rolling I believe…

One of previous members of SHINING played in another sweden suicidal band SILENCER. What's your attitude to it? Don't you know the fate of it's mastermind Nattramn (except web-forums rumors)?
To begin with Nattramn only did most of the lyrics and vocals, all musical and atmosphereical efforts are made by Casado, or Leere as he prefered to call himself back then, so I would like to point out that he is the genious in this case. They released a good album indeed but there’s nothing more too it, I don’t care at all. And I will not dicuss a man I haven’t met in years with outsiders, especially not in a fucking magazine.

You also participate in Diabolicum, what news from this band?
We are to record the new album early next year and we have a show in london to perform in a couple of weeks…

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