Shining 2005 Line-up:
The year is 2005 and SHINING are now officially allied with the highly repected french record label Osmose Productions. Kvarforth did about one year ago announce the death of the band due to many unpleasant circumstances which have been prominent the past years both within the band and around him personally but now, with a basically entirely new line-up of Ludvig Hvit (of Spiritual Beggars, Firebird) on drums, John Doe (of Craft, Twin Earth) on guitar, Hallander on bass and Casado on guitar. The reason for this new line-up is simply because there is a need to play live which never would have worked out in long terms with the previous members considering the distance inbetween them. A new era has begun to take shape.

The Past:

Suicide, self-destruction and the abuse of the human flesh & mind, these three topics are the main issues dealt with in Shining's music. The band has since its very beginning (1996) been cursed and the individuals within suffered from enormous problems because of the fact that the band still lives on. Actually this might be the explanation for so why many people being kicked out of the band one by one until the year of 2000, and still the band stood in obscurity. During the earlier period of the band, Kvarforth gathered a temporary line-up and released the 7" vinyl "Submit To Selfdestruction" in 1998 through his own label, Selbsmord Sevices. In the year of 2000 Kvarforth finally managed to sum up the minds of two others in order to record the debut full-length album, "SHINING I - Within Deep Dark Chambers" with guest member Classen from Bethlehem on vocals. This very line-up, minus Classen, lasted until two months after the recording of the second album in 2001, "SHINING II - Livets Ändhållplats", which showed Kvarforth taking over vocals full-time. By now Tusk decided to leave for several personal reasons and was replaced by his younger brother Phil A. Cirone one month later. Wedebrand soon also left the band, though Kvarforth never did suffer from his absence, on the contrary as he a few months later on was replaced by the drummer of drummers, namely Hellhammer from the legendary Mayhem. Inisis suffered a short lived stint with the band during the recording of their third album. By this point, Shining also signed with Avantgarde Music and in late 2002 released their third album "SHINING III - Angst, Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie". TO BE CONTINUED...

The Reason:
The main purpose for Shining is to fanatically deprave the listeners with their musical and lyrical propaganda, to embrace the sub-culturistic youth with suicidal happiness! Shining has and will always stand as an monument to all the misery around us, a gun pointed at your forehead, a needle injecting the purest of heroine into your arm! Let the Self-destruction Blossom!

  • Kvarforth, Phil A. Cirone & Hellhammer in 2002.

    More info coming on previous members:
  • Hellhammer: Drums
  • Phil A. Cirone: Bass & Keys
  • Insis: Guitars
  • Wedebrand: Drums
  • Tusk: Bass
  • Classen: Guest Vocals
  • Robert: Vocals

  • Copyright © 2005 Shining.