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EXTREME WEBZINE - September 2005 (Answered by: Kvarforth)

Hi Kvarforth, in which projects were you involved during the last months of “silence”? Did you continue to work with your band?
Yes, that’s mostly what has been going on. We have just recently played live for the first time ever, three gigs in a row and we’re currently warming up for yet another round of some 20 gigs to follow later this year. Otherwise, I have also had to rehearse loads of ”new” lyrics now that I’ve become the permanent vocalist of DIABOLICUM.

Do you know when the new DIABOLICUM will be released? How did born this collaboration with mr.sasrof?
We have been discussing when and where to record over and over but no real date has been set yet, though, I believe you won’t have to wait longer than till summer next year. I first got in contact with Sasrof when we signed BLOODLINE, and as he was the main member I stayed in contact with him as well as with Set. A while back I told Sasrof that I was looking for a new band in which I could perform and a few weeks later he asked me if I was interested in joining DIABOLICUM, that’s basically it...

How the new DIABOLICUM will sound? Moreover…what can you tell about BLOODLINE, are they still alive?
I have heard one new track and it basically follows the same vein as with our last album (The Dark Blood Rising, 2001) yet, certainly more darker and severe in a way. We have to wait and see till the day we start rehearsing for the recording. BLOODLINE is put on ice as far as I am concerned, yet, the second album ”The Axis Of Chaos” shallt be released next year or so, as it has been finished recording-wise (note: artwork is being made as we speak) a couple of years back.

I’ve heard some rumours about some SHINING live dates in Italy. Is it true? Are you planning to do an European tour?
There will be an European tour yes. Now we are merely playing two gigs in Italy to begin with, the first one at the Transilvania Club in Milano on Thursday the 20th of October, the second one on friday the 21st somewhere in Padova. We are already in negotiations with another agency to do gigs in Rom, Venice and Sicily as well, but we just have to wait and see what happens, these things oftenly fail due to lack of a serious attitude within several booking-agencies, nevertheless, if you happen to run a booking-agency, reading this, and are willing to set up a few gigs with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

That’s cool!! Do you want to speak about your live show’s aspect? Should we expect any ”surprises”?
I strongly urge you to attend our ceremony, thats all I can say. SHINING live is an orgy in self-destruction, that pretty much covers it, doesn’t it? If you want to see something real for once instead of maladjusted kids in teddybear outfits pretending to be evil, a show by us could be very ”refreshing” indeed.

Would you talk a bit about your latest release? How have the responses been to that album?
As Avantgarde Music aren’t exactly that good on keeping me updated I have no idea. But considering how great it is, I believe overwhelming as with all of our previous albums.

As you told before, your relation with Avantgarde is not so good. Will you release the new chapter of SHINING under Selbstmord?
We are as said, signed to OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS now. Yes, we will release the new album next year.

What are you listening these days? And what could you tell me about the blackmetal scene in Sweden?
These past few years I have listened to my old favorites such as DEVIL DOLL, LANDBERK, KENT, MUSE, STRID and a few others. The Black Metal scene here in Sweden, or elsewhere for that matter, does not interest me at all, there are loads of bands, I know that, but thats also just as far as it goes in my knowledge.

Some time ago you told that SHINING were going to split-up…What changed your idea?
John Doe did talk me into continuing with SHINING, without him it would never have been possible as I myself have been suffering along with a trendemous depression the last years that have passed. Been commited to an instituion as well nevertheless, John Doe awoke the sinister once again and I am eternally in debt to this man for this.

What are the lyrics of Eerie Cold about? Are they different from the lyrics of your old works?
This time the lyrics turned out very personal which is a positive sign considering I have never been able to write nor reflect over my own self as indepth prior to these. The first lyric basically reflect reality as a whole, the sudden reality of whoever might listen to our music that is, kind off erasing the last glimpse of hope in the eye of the beholder. The second one is a tribute to the common problem of always repeating one’s past mistakes over and over again, reflecting and glorifying this very fundament. The third one is about hypochondria, yet written in a very submissive way. The fourth and sixth lyric are not written by me thus, I cannot comment them.

What are you doing this period? Are you composing new songs?
Yes actually I wrote a brand new album last night. SHINING V will without doubt be the most depressive album we’ve put out to date.

How are things going with Vicious Recordings? I’ve heard many ”bad-words” about it? Could you explain what happened?
Vicious Recordings is not my label to begin with, though, i started working for them when Selbstmord Services was put to rest. Nevertheless, along with the rebirth of SHINING, Selbstmord Services also had to live again. We had many problems in the past with authorities, co-workers as well as being ripped off for ridiculous amounts of money which resulted in many mistakes from our side and eventually gave the label a bad reputation in certain circles. However, we are working on solving eventual tormentors of the past so I guess Selbstmord Services will regain it’s past reputation in a matter of time. Right now, we’re basically re-issuing our entire back-catalogue with exception for the releases we have sold the rights for that is. And we’re also planning new releases by PUISSANCE, STRID, VED BUENS ENDE, THESYRE, KROHM, EIKIND, SUDARIUM and FUNERAL DIRGE.

What do you want to express with your music?
Isn’t that quite obvious with all the years that have passed? SHINING is a tool intended for the listener to use in terms of abuse of his/hers flesh and mind. Enough said, instructions can be found in our work.

Are you interested in other forms of arts?
Of course, I read quite alot, foremost the work off Dagerman, Lagerqvist, Strindberg but also many religious scriptures as well as the standard editions of various other authors. But thats basically it, there’s not much time in my life for hobbies you know. Though, I am very interested in wine but as well all know, that particular ”artform”, is way too expensive for a man like me.

What’s your point of view concerning suicide and self-flagellation?
What’s your point on the last KENT album?

Ok Kvarforth, that’s all! Any last words?
If you happen to live or reside in Italy during our carnival, be there!!!

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