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CARPATHIAN WOLVES LEGION - September 2005 (Answered by: Kvarforth)

Hail! Let's start with the band history. Please, tell it in brief.
SHINING have existed since 1996 and have till now released four albums, currently preparing to record the fifth. Not much more to it really…

I've heard that SHINING was disbanded in the August of 2004. Is that true? If so, why did you reformed and began to play again?
Yes, after the recording of the fourth album I decided to put this ill child of mine to rest yet, we ressurected six months afterwards when John Doe managed to blow life into the old ghost. There are various reasons to why this did happen nevertheless, I have answered this question like a thousand times by now so if you are interested, not meant to sound arrogant but, see elsewhere…

Can you make a little review of all SHINING albums? What's your favourite one?
SHINING I was a very diverse album altogether, probably because of the long time it took writing it, and in many ways lack professionalism but in the end is a very dark journey indeed. SHINING II is somewhat the gloomiest album we’ve made to date and also personalized the sound far beyond what we had been doing in the past. SHINING III was basically the album where we truly reached where we were aiming, both musically as well as lyrically whilst SHINING IV is the perfect balance between the second and third. Artistically speaking SHINING IV is my favourite though SHINING II still bears the most personal memories I must say.

Your music and sound change. But your lyrical concept is still anti-human and suicidal. What things are inspiring you to write such lyrics?
My life. Nothing could be more inspiring than all the misery which evolves my very own person, thus, the new album title I’ve now finally decided for the upcoming fifth album, to be revealed shortly. The audial formula of SHINING will always change from album to album, there is no meaning in stagnating, we have always had interest in exploring different kind sof negativity within music you know, and mere Black metal is way to limited for that.

What are your favourite books, pictures, sculptures?
Pictures and sculptures are not that appealing realy. Nevertheless, I do read alot, foremost the works of Dagerman, Strindberg and such but also more well-known (outside sweden that is) standard authors like Bukowski and so forth.

What can you say about the following words: killing, suicide, depression?
What would you say?

Have you ever tried to commit suicide?
Death breath down my neck every passing minute, obviously its sacred divinity have passed along fysically from time to time.

I know that you are very big fan of Jeffery Dahmer. What is your opinion abour other maniacs?
I have a huge interest to study serial killers, tribes as well as cults and that very interest have always been there, yet Jeffery Dahmer is a personal favorite indeed, many hours of my life has been spent on researshes as well as collecting books, police-reports, personal affects etc. Also, Gazy and Qvick (not really a serial killer though far more interesting than most) have branded their genious in me…

Do you belive in the future of Black Metal? Or you think that it is dead?
Don’t care for either past nor future of any sub-culturistic movement apart from ways they may be used in terms of propaganda.

What modern Black Metal bands do you like?
Don’t know, MANES, BURZUM, STRID???

There is a lot of new bands who support your ideas and try to make music which sounds like your's. What can you say about these bands?
If a band manage to reach the same level of dedication and fanaticism great records will be recorded, great lyrics will be written and I would really like to hear them, nevertheless, till now any have crossed my path. Yet, I wish these who follow in our footsteps to also live their lives according to it, not just trying to create audial pain but also, causing harm to themselves and others. The essence of SHINING goes far beyond mere self-reflection you know.

Do you have favourite Black Metal albums for 2005 year?
Actually 2005 has been a pretty good year, with new releases, great ones by CRAFT, KENT, COLDPLAY, DHG and I am desperately awaiting a new MUSE album.

And the last words...
Good luck with the CARPATHIAN WOLVES LEGION Gunnarr, you seem to be a person into basically the same as ourselves, make sure to keep wandering that pernicious path and destroy everything you love and hold dear! Salutem!

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